97 – The Killers

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Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. of The Killers join me for the season finale of No Effects.

If you want to know what it felt like to play a Killers show on the floor of a Las Vegas sports bar to 13 people (and then solicit sign-ups for the email list)… this is the show for you!

FYI: this conversation was recorded back in June, 2017.

See you next year!!

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88 – Chicano Batman

Photo by Josue Rivas

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All four members of Chicano Batman sit down for 60 minutes to tell me about where they come from. We talk about not talking about the name of their band, discovering music and activism, Los Angeles, and much more.

Check them out on tour right now.

Special thanks to Kirsten Woodward for setting up this episode.

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85 – Rostam

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A new season of No Effects begins! Look for a new episode every Tuesday through December.

On this episode, Rostam Batmanglij joins me for a conversation about Dr. Dre, why he left Vampire Weekend and made Half Light, his feelings about music streaming services, and much much more.

This completes the entire Vampire Weekend / No Effects set!

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81 – Phoenix

78 – Perfume Genius

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Michael Hadreas, the artist working as Perfume Genius, tells me about how he started writing and performing in his late 20’s, where he thinks he would be without myspace, why he thinks people cry at his shows, and how his approach to music has changed (and how it hasn’t) for his amazing fourth album, “No Shape.”

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77 – Oddisee

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Episode 77. Oddisee and I talk about growing up in the DC area, his Sudanese and American families, horse racing, discovering hip-hop, the DC/NY relationship, making his new album “The Iceberg” in late 2016, and much much more. A great conversation. He’s probably on tour right now, so go see him!

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76 – Tei Shi

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My guest this week is Valerie Teicher, the artist known as Tei Shi.

She tells me about growing up in Colombia and Canada, waiting until her twenties to go on stage, dealing with soundguys, and how she made her new album Crawl Space, out NOW on Downtown Records.

Special thanks to the Ace Hotel in New York, where we recorded this episode.

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75 – Chris Tomson (Vampire Weekend, Dams of the West)

Travis W Keyes

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I joined Chris in his home in Brooklyn to talk about his life playing drums for Vampire Weekend and playing everything for his new project Dams of the West.

We talk trombone, mostly. We also talk about being a waterpark lifeguard in New Jersey, the original email that started Vampire Weekend, how the band’s success led to his “extended adolescence”, and go over a few great drummer solo projects. Over La Croix, of course ;(

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74 – Sylvan Esso

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This conversation with Sylvan Esso was going great until Amelia mentioned that her father is a professional Santa Claus. Then we just spent the rest of our time talking about that.

Sylvan Esso’s new album “What Now” is out… now.

Thanks to Thomas for the production help on this one.
Thanks to Teddy Blanks for the artwork.

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Episode 73 – Laura Marling

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“I don’t like to be rude to people who are interviewing me, like Bob Dylan was, but I wish I could be”

My guest this week is English musician and podcaster Laura Marling.  Laura shares with me what she has learned from doing her own show Reversal of the Muse, and then regales me with stories from her early days: dropping out of high school, sleeping in a double bass case, playing the Sidewalk Cafe in the mid 2000’s, and much more. Plus we talk about psychoanalysis, the challenges of doing music today, and how people misperceive her.

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Episode 70 – Jubilee

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*ALARM EMOJI* Miami Bass episode of No Effects *ALARM EMOJI*

Not exactly, but kinda, as my guest this week is Miami-adjace DJ/Producer Jubilee. We cover the South Florida rave scene, the Central Florida rave scene, and everything in between. And much much more.

Jubilee’s new album, After Hours, is out October 21st on Mixpak

Episode 68 – Cass McCombs

Photo by Rachel Pony Cassells

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Mangy Love, out now, is Cass McComb’s “somethingth” album. He doesn’t know exactly. In our wide-ranging conversation, he tells me about growing up and living in the Bay Area, living out of his car in New York City, anti-folk music, anti-anti-folk music, rap music, choir music, how his band is like a halfway house, and much much more. Cass McCombs is a one-of-a-kind musician who is incredibly talented, prolific, and I am a huge fan of him. Please listen and then go listen to his music.

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Episode 67 – Fitz and the Tantrums

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My guests this week are Michael ‘Fitz’ Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs of Fitz and the Tantrums. Fitz and Noelle share with me stories from their many years they individually spent struggling to find a career in music before breaking out with Fitz and the Tantrums.

This episode is brought to you by Away. Head to awaytravel.com and use promo code “noeffects” to save $20 on one of their fantastic pieces of luggage.

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Episode 66 – Empress Of

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My guest this week is Lorely Rodriguez, the artist known as Empress Of. Lorely shares with me about growing up in Los Angeles with a musical/not-musical family, going to Berklee School of Music, how getting a laptop changed her life, and much much more. Plus another great Canadian border crossing story!

This is part 2 of my live show recorded at Moogfest, in Durham in May 2016. Part 1, with Julia Holter, is also available right now.

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Episode 65 – Julia Holter

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Recorded LIVE at Moogfest 2016 in May 2016 in Durham, North Carolina! This is part one of two.

Julia Holter joins me to talk about growing up in Los Angeles, having two planners, studying composition at the University of Michigan, performing at bookstores, at much more.

Plus, the crowd is mic’d so you can hear when they laugh and compare it to your own reactions!

Thanks to the great organizers of Moogfest for setting this up and recording it.

Julia Holter on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 63 – Tegan and Sara

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Tegan and Sara Quin are identical twin sisters from Canada who have been playing music as Tegan and Sara since the late 90’s. They are gay women in their mid-30’s who are now huge pop stars and there’s no one quite like them in music.

Our conversation spans their entire career, but a lot of it is about their early years, their ups and downs, their times apart from each other, and how they eventually built a huge community around themselves and their music.

Tegan and Sara on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 61 – Julianna Barwick

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Julianna Barwick’s new album “Will” is out on May 6, 2016 on Dead Oceans.

Listen to Julianna tell me about growing up in the church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, moving to New York, her early experiences doing music in Brooklyn and around the world, and how she made her new album “Will”.

Plus, her time as an intern for a very famous children’s musician, and much much more.

Julianna is a true one-of-a-kinder and I loved talking to her for an hour. I think you will too.

Julianna Barwick on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 60 – Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend, Baio)

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Recorded at an AirBnb down in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2016, this is my great conversation with Chris Baio. Chris plays bass in Vampire Weekend and plays everything in his own project Baio. Chris is a super nice guy who is super talented and this is a super conversation. As always, we delve into early bands and how he started playing in Vampire Weekend. Also, he tells me about mixing his album in Malibu, living in London, and much much more. Plus, I go negative on the Chi-peps.

Baio on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 58 – Nick Sylvester (GODMODE)

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A fantastic double xl episode of No Effects this week with god in chief of the GODMODE Squad, Nick Sylvester.

Before helming his own record label / management / production company GODMODE and producing albums for Shamir, Deerhoof and more, Nick was a teenage trumpet player performing at weddings and bar mitzvahs in Philadelphia. After that, he was a Harvard kid writing snarky album reviews for Pitchfork. After that, he was a writer for the Colbert Report for 4 years. After that, he started a muscular brooklyn rock band called Mr. Dream. And now, he is putting it all together in a really unique way at GODMODE.

He’s a true one-of-a-kinder and I was very happy to talk to him about all that and more.


Episode 57 – The Range

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The Range is James Hinton and “Potential” is his new album, out March 25, 2016 on Domino Records. I spoke with James on an unseasonably warm February day in his apartment in Brooklyn.

We talked about his open mic days, the movie Sliver, “reverse catfishing” in order to make his album, and much much more.

Fun fact: there was a gas leak in James’ apartment while we recorded this episode. I helped discover it right after we finished and saved his massive apartment building from burning down.


The Range on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 54 – YACHT

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Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt join me for one of my favorite conversations of 2015. We go over the many incarnations and affiliates of the band known as YACHT, what it’s like to do music and so many other things, Jona’s idea for a site that reviews YACHT reviews, their TV pilot, their lapsed URLS, and finally, their amazing personal journeys.

YACHT on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 50 – BØRNS

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I try not to dwell too much on the young age of my guest this week, Garrett Borns. He records as BØRNS and his new album “Dopamine” is out right now on Interscope. He tells me about how he went from a kid in Michigan doing online jingle contests to an international recording artist in record time.

BØRNS on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 49 – MNDR

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Amanda Warner is MNDR and on this episode she shares her story: from growing up on a farm in North Dakota to auditioning to play bass for Hole (!) to the warehouse world of Oakland, to having a number one song in Europe, to writing a thousand songs for other artists, and, if you can believe it, much much more.

She is amazing, an A+ guest, I loved talking to her, and you will love listening to her, so please do that!

MNDR on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 48 – Them Jeans

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Recorded out in LA back in March of 2015, my guest this week is LA based slasher Jason Stewart. He’s the DJ slash podcaster slash music supervisor slash “food enthusiast” known as Them Jeans.

We talk about the heyday of blog djing in the mid 2000’s, DJ’s complaining, and a variety of other subjects as I unload all of my DJ related material on him.

Listen to the Tall Tales Podcast on iTunes

Episode 43 – Molly Lambert

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Molly Lambert is a writer for Grantland and a podcast host there as well. She’s a dear dear friend and I was very happy to talk to her back in March in Los Angeles. She tells me about how she started writing and how she believes that every TV writer has a deep, dark, secret.

Molly Lambert on Twiter, Grantland

Episode 42 – Juiceboxxx


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Part 2 of a double episode!! 
My guest is the artist, rapper, musician, and energy drink manufacturer Juiceboxxx.

We talk about Juice’s long career starting out as a teenager in Milwaukee, touring the DIY circuit, touring with Public Enemy in Canada, meeting with labels,  his goals and ambitions, and a lot in between. We also talk about the new book about him and some of his thoughts about that.

Make sure to check out episode 41, with Leon Neyfakh, who just wrote that book about Juiceboxxx, which is called The Next Next Level.

Juiceboxxx on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 41 – Leon Neyfakh

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On part one of my first double episode, my guest is writer and journalist Leon Neyfakh. Leon’s written for the Boston Globe, New Yorker, Slate, etc, but the reason he’s on my show is because he just wrote a book called The Next Next Level: A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up. The subject of that book is the rapper and artist Juiceboxxx, who is my guest in part 2 of this double podcast.

We talk about his book and his career and the many many feelings and thoughts I had about his book on this great episode. It’s one of my favorites.

Leon Neyfakh on TwitterSlate

Episode 40 – Mas Ysa

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Tom Arsenault is the artist known as Mas Ysa and he is currently on tour with us. As we speak, he is sound checking in a room in Atlanta directly behind me. He is equally passionate as a performer as he is a human being. He’s one of a kind, and I have enjoyed getting to know him out here on tour. This podcast documents our first conversation before we left for tour. We talk about growing up in Montreal and Sao Paulo, being a turntablist, and his unique live show.

His great debut album Seraph is out July 24th

Mas Ysa on Soundcloud, iTunes

Episode 39 – Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip)

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Spoke to Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip over a weekend trip in New York City on how his band is like both Wu Tang Clan and Squeeze, what it’s like to work with people he’s known since age 11 and his distinctive, intricate and humorous lyrics. 

I also recorded an intro for this episode while out on tour with Tanlines, while walking down the street in San Francisco. It’s a full update about how the shows are going, how we got robbed in St. Louis, and what it’s like touring with a full band for the first time.

The interview with Alexis begins at the six minute mark

Hot Chip on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 33 – Drenge

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The band is called Drenge and they are two brothers named Eoin and Rory Loveless and they are from a place called Castleton, which is in Derbyshire, which is in England. They’re young and on the way up and I do my best to relate to them and they did their best to relate to me, and it was an all around great time.

Drenge on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 31 – Kelela

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I had a great conversation with Kelela and, fortunately for you guys, I recorded it. You can listen to that conversation right now in this week’s episode of No Effects 🙂

We talked about playing music in art galleries, family, Guns Germs & Steel, Montgomery County, Maryland, going to college, and much much more.

Kelela on SoundcloudiTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 30 – Oliver Ackermann (A Place to Bury Strangers, Death By Audio)

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Episode number 30… where has the time gone?? Actually, now that I think about it, it’s been about a year and 30 episodes is a great number of episodes for one year!

My guest this week is Oliver Ackermann, who plays in the band A Place to Bury Strangers and also started and runs a guitar effects company called Death By Audio. He answered all of my questions about running an effects business and also told some great stories about all the things he has done in his career. Really an A+ dude and an A+ episode. Enjoy!

A Place to Bury Strangers on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 28 – High Maintenance (Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair)

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Live from Vimeo Headquarters in Manhattan, this week I am joined by the wonderful and remarkable Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair. K + B are the creators of the great TV show / web series High Maintenance. I am a huge fan and was really excited to talk to them about creating the show, creating things in general, working together, working in general, and much much more.

High Maintenance can be found on Vimeo, with brand new episodes going up February 5th 2015. Enjoy them all!

Watch High Maintenance on Vimeo

Episode 27 – Mike Pace

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It’s a trip down memory lane… as well as present boulevard AND future street with this week’s great guest Mike Pace. Mike recounts his early days of being in a band on Long Island, finding success with the Oxford Collapse, doing standup, hosting the great (and defunct) Worst Gig Ever Podcast, and finally, writing and producing his new solo album. Mike Pace and the Child Actors’ “Best Boy” is out NOW… go check it out. Enjoy!

Mike Pace on BandcampiTunes

Episode 26 – Glasslands Special (Rami Haykal and Jake Rosenthal)

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Another XXL episode of No Effects. This week, I spoke with Rami Haykal and Jake Rosenthal, the co-owners of Glasslands, a very special music venue here in Brooklyn. Glasslands will sadly be closing at the end of this year, so I thought I would try to capture some of what made it special and say goodbye in this episode. Along the way, you will hear some truly depressing stories of terrible shows my bands have played (and one great one), as well as learning about where Rami and Jake come from, what they care about, and why they are the good kind of club owner. Thanks dudes! Good luck in whatever comes next. Also, everyone else: happy new year!

Episode 25 – Jody Rosen

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A double XL episode of No Effects this week as I’m joined by T Magazine Critic-at-Large Jody Rosen. Jody and I cover a lot on this one, including his long career as a music critic, hanging out with Graduation-era Kanye, the 2006 Mets, and how happy Jody is not to have to weigh in on the new Kendrick Lamar song. Also, for the kids, a helpful step-by-step guide to how you can become a successful music critic some day ;(

Jody Rosen on Twitter

Episode 24 – Ex Hex

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All three members of Ex Hex join me on this week’s No Effects. For those of you keeping score, that’s Mary Timony, Laura Harris, and Betsy Wright. Join me by listening this week and you will learn about how Mary, Laura, and Betsy met each other, wrote and recorded their excellent album “Rips”, went on tour together, and so much much more. I also talk a lot about Washington DC… hopefully in a cool way!

Ex Hex on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 22 – Museum of Love (Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany)

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For the first time ever, I am joined on No Effects by an entire band full of guys. The band is Museum of Love and the guys are just two guys: Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany. Our great conversation ranges from Irish stuff, getting older and funkier (*sorry), playing in hardcore bands and LCD Soundsystem, becoming a singer, and much much more. As always: no effects.

Museum of Love’s new album, also called Museum of Love, is out NOW on DFA records

Museum of Love on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 21 – Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights)

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A very family-friendly episode of No Effects this week, as I’m joined by Aaron Coyes, who along with his wife Indra Dunis, is one half of the musical duo Peaking Lights. Aaron, Indra, and their two children make up a very unique touring party for a very unique band. Aaron tells me about building synths, moving to New Zealand, moving to Wisconsin, meeting Indra, and making Peaking Lights together. Their new album, “Cosmic Logic”, is out right now.

Peaking Lights on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 20 – Mapei

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Live and direct from both Los Angeles, where I am right now, and also New York, where I recorded this conversation… it’s another great episode of No Effects! On this episode, my guest is the very talented and very cool Mapei. We talk about Mapei’s childhood in Sweden and the US, her new album Hey Hey, I name drop The High and Mighty about four or five times, and much much more. ENJOY.

Mapei on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 19 – Sasha Frere-Jones

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The big fall podcasting season is FINALLY upon us, and I’m here to meet it with my longest episode ever… which also happens to be one of the best. My guest this week is Sasha Frere-Jones and we spent a solid 1.5 hours discussing his career both as a music writer for the New Yorker and as a musician with his band Ui. Many many topics are covered and many many opinions are expressed, and you’ll just have to listen to hear all of them. Sasha is a true music lover, from every angle possible, and I really enjoyed talking to him.

Sasha Frere-Jones on the New Yorker, Twitter

Episode 18 – Sinkane

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Ahmed Gallab, the artist better known as Sinkane, is my guest on a great episode of No Effects this week. I surprised Ahmed by showing up at his apartment at the time that we had agreed upon, which he had forgotten about, and then I believe I surprised him with what turned out to be a great conversation. We talked about about his life from Sudan to Ohio and his attitude and approach to being a solo artist, with an emphasis on collaboration. Lots of good stuff here. Enjoy!

Sinkane on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 17 – Syd Butler (Les Savy Fav)

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Syd Butler joins me this week to tell me (and you) about his many many jobs, including playing in Les Savy Fav, playing in the Studio 8G band on Late Night with Seth Myers, running French Kiss Records, and many many more jobs. We also talk about growing up in Washington DC, going to college with Seth MacFarlane, zoos, and many many more things.

There are absolutely NO EFFECTS on this episode…that’s right NONE.

Les Savy Fav on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 15 – Max Silvestri

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On this episode, I spoke with Max Silvestri. Max is a comedian, comedy writer, comedy performer, and comedy food television host. If you’re sensing a theme it’s because Max is a very funny, by my standards and by those of society in general. He’s also very smart and thoughtful, and he shares with us a bunch of thoughts on his career, his work ethic, how he became known as a “food comic” or whatever, and much much more.

Max has a brand new album called King Piglet, which is probably available wherever you’re listening to this podcast, and he will be hosting the forthcoming TV show “The Feed” on the forthcoming FYI network. Check those things out.

Max Silvestri on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 14 – How to Dress Well

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On this week’s episode, my guest is Tom Krell, the artist slash musician known as How to Dress Well. At 10 AM in the conference room of a publicist’s office, Tom and I managed to have a really interesting and hopefully entertaining conversation about music, life, and philosophy.  He also explained to me how time is not in fact a flat circle but actually a three dimensional cone

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ▉ ▊

How to Dress Well on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 12 – Dave Harrington (Darkside)

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Another multi-instrumentalist! Also much much more than that, Dave Harrington is one half of the electronic / dance / jam band Darkside. He was also once a little kid carrying an upright bass onto the subway to go to his lessons, which is a very very cute image.  He tells me (and you) all about that, playing in party bands, meeting and teaming up with Nicolas Jaar, and much much more, on this week’s episode of No Effects.

Darkside on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 11 – Peggy Wang (The Pains of Being Pure At Heart + Buzzfeed)

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We’re going viral!!! That’s because Peggy Wang is my guest this week on No Effects, she’s an editor at Buzzfeed, and she promised to use the full power of that internet megacompany to promote this episode across ALL platforms. jkjkjkjk but really we talked about a lot of great stuff including: chatroom romance, New Orleans, and her time playing in The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. As badly as I wanted to ask her about the name of that band, I stayed true to my promise to you and didn’t bring it up. ENJOY!

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart on iTunes, Google Play Music

Peggy Wang on Buzzfeed

Episode 9 – Derek Miller (Sleigh Bells)

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On this week’s episode of No Effects, I spoke with Derek Miller, who writes songs and plays guitar for his band Sleigh Bells. It was a great, wide ranging, fast moving, sometimes-personal conversation that covered: Florida, tipping sound guys, how quickly you should release music, sunglasses, writing on the road, professional sports, and much much more in no particular order whatsoever. Enjoy!!

Sleigh Bells on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 8 – Abbi Jacobson (Broad City)

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Abbi Jacobson is one half of the duo that has created, written, and stars in the fantastic new TV show Broad City, on Comedy Central. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION.
She was gracious enough to invite me into her home to discuss how she started performing in New York, what it’s like to shoot on a New York City subway, the best Jewish deli in Merion, Pennsylvania, and much much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did having it.

Broad City on Comedy Central, Hulu

Episode 7 – Sondre Lerche

I’m back with a new episode! On this episode, you’ll find my highly enjoyable conversation with Sondre Lerche. Sondre shares his story about starting out writing songs in his hometown of Bergen, Norway, signing to a major label as a teenager, touring around the world, and settling here in New York City.

Sondre Lerche on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 6 – Eleanor Friedberger

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What a great episode! Maybe I’m just saying that because I had never met Eleanor before doing this interview and was relieved it turned out well, but maybe, and probably, because Eleanor is a really interesting and funny person who is great at using words to describe her experiences. Those experiences include forming and being in The Fiery Furnaces with her brother, and also forming a band for her two solo albums. Enjoy!

Eleanor Friedberger on iTunes, Google Play Music

Episode 4 – Hisham Bharoocha

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A google image search with Hisham’s name is one of the coolest there is. He’s an artist slash musician whose career has spanned continents slash forms. We talk about all of it, from playing in Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, and Soft Circle, to his popular instagram feed…on this episode of No Effects.

Hisham on Instagram

Episode 3 – Despot

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In celebration of the 10th anniversary of not releasing an album, Queens rapper Despot sits and talks to me about that and many, many, other interesting things… Enjoy!

Despot on iTunes, Twitter

Episode 1 – Glasser

Download / Subscribe on iTunes My first episode! On this episode, I’ll introduce the whole podcast, why I am doing it, and what I hope to accomplish here.  Then, I’m joined by my guest, Cameron Mesirow, the artist and musician known as Glasser. Glasser on iTunes, Google Play Music